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Quickest & Fastest Pass Ever—Vintage Legal AA/Fuel Funny Car
(Fuel Coupe) running a 5.61 at@261 mph.

AA/Fuel Funny Car using
Titan Oil Pump and
Titan Black Star Clutch

Made in Ojai, California with Solar Power

Welcome to Titan Speed Engineering

GM, Ford and Chrysler racers have been winning worldwide with Titan products since 1992. Our customers are successful at every level of motorsports, on all kinds of racing surfaces.

From drag strips (asphalt, sand and water) and circle tracks (paved and dirt) to road courses, bonneville salt flats, dry lakes and pulling tracks, Titan-equipped racing teams enjoy the competitive advantages of superior engineering and craftsmanship. Every Titan oil pump, clutch and rocker arm is made in America, utilizing the finest materials available. In-house manufacturing assures optimum quality control.

Titan 3-Disc Black Star 'Glide Clutch
As racers ourselves, we know what you need to win: a durable, dependable product that makes the most of the horsepower you build. We also believe that you deserve friendly factory support and accurate tuning tips for as long as you run our products.

In turn, it's your invaluable feedback that drives the continuous evolution of everything we make. Our staff of experienced racers actually welcomes your input about existing Titan products — and about anything else we might be making to meet your needs. "Racers helping racers" is more than a motto at Titan Speed Engineering!

Now have a look around. We hope you find this showcase of Titan products and services informative and helpful. Much more is in the works, so check back regularly. Please feel free to contact us at any time. Our current Price List can be found here. We're looking forward to serving you...

View some videos of Titan Speed's products in action...

Auto Club Bakersfield Raceway July 28th
"Nitro" Rick Rogers

Fontana Raceway '07. #1 qualifier/track record @5.65

Pomona 2008 in-car camera

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Featured Product

Titan Speed Engineering is always designing new products to be tougher and more efficient. Titan's newest product does just that. Their All New Bolt-in Hub is not only reusable, but is made out of stronger, higher grade material than your ordinary clutch disk hub.
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